Italian Ancestry Tour

Family ancestry At the end of the 19th century the important flow of emigrants from Europe to America started. From 1869 to 1900 about 6 million people left their homeland to build a new life across the Ocean: so many lives, so many stories that are intertwined in the places and time. Many people left after a few years to return to their country of origin, the majority went there to stay. Today about 25 million people have left Italy looking for fortune elsewhere: United States, Argentina, Venezuela, Canada, Australia. Only in the U.S. about 18 million residents are of Italian ancestry. The Campania has seen two major migration to foreign countries: the so-called Great Migration between the XIX and XX centuries, interrupted only by World War I, and migration “Fordist” stimulated by the demand for labor in industrial countries in northern Europe, but the main destination of migration remains the United States of America.

Do you belong to this category?

Do you want you know your Italian heritage? You’re on the right site!


Would you like to walk the same streets as the your great-great grandfather, or see the house where your grandmother was born?

We can give you this opportunity!

Before traveling, we will send you a questionnaire to fill in, so as to obtain all the information we need. And then the adventure begins ..!

We do not rebuild the family tree, but we’ll let you “relive” the past of your family through a personalized journey in your own places of origin!



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